New Video Series…

Booking Calendar system for holiday accommodation

Excited to announce a new series of short video tutorials to show how to use our new Book Your Accommodation Live Booking Calendar.

Perfect for the holiday home owner who wants to integrate a booking calendar that shows their current availability and allows the site visitor to choose and book preferred reservation dates in real-time.

Additional benefits include the facility to offer visitors Optional Extras, apply Discounts and Surcharges – for example, when wishing to charge a supplement for short stay breaks, etc.

The calendar displays the current pricing that applies to the reservation; It updates to reflect any extras selected, or additional charges that apply due to seasonal pricing rules you  wish to apply. With this calendar your guests can book immediately – paying your specified deposit right away for instant confirmation or make their reservation subject to your confirmation. Where you have set it to accept a payment – payments are by secure gateway and you receive the deposit within two hours!

Bookings can be taken for pm arrivals and am departures…. and so much more – details of all the features and benefits will follow in an upcoming post.

With so much flexibility in this booking system you might think it’s an expensive option.

Nope… just a flat rate fee per booking, whatever the value throughout the year. Now that has to be worth a closer look…


I’ll even be publishing a Demo Calendar here for any owners who would like to fully explore the Booking Calendar and its features – along with these tutorials which will show you the benefits before deciding to try it out for real.

As so many of us are now on Facebook, it may further peak your interest to know that you can even embed your live calendar into your Facebook page!

Together with a listing on our Book Your Accommodation website and mobile app, which are actively marketed to attract visitors, you may never need a website 🙂

Look out for the series – ‘Book Your Accommodation Tuts+’…

Coming Soon!

If you’re a holiday accommodation owner and would like to find out more about our Booking Calendar Tutorials or would like a no-obligation demonstration that will show you how this live booking calendar system can work to increase your profits, get in touch using the contact form below…   or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Best wishes!


** NEWS ** – Launching our donation based service…

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Cost of a website? Make a donation 🙂

Let me clarify – It’s true, as of May 1st – when we start our next build cycle – we’re offering our complete website build service in exchange … drum roll, please…. for…

A donation!

We believe in delighting with excellent service that continues long-term. No hard sell tactics; If anything, we tend to be discerning about who we’ll work with.

Really great results are achievable when we collaborate. If you’re aiming for great results and prefer a business relationship rather than being sold to, get in touch with ideas for your website upgrade or other online marketing needs.

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a note in the comment section below or use our contact page.


Why Wunce?

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Wunce. That’s the domain you see in this blog’s URL. Why a Wunce sub-domain and not my own dedicated address?

Well, that’s because I created Wunce. It’s my platform and you can use it, too…. if you want to.

Wunce is for anyone who wants to blog or build a WordPress website. A matter of fact place to come and set up shop, self-publish, get creative online, build your brand… everything you need, all in one place. No hard sell. Just the best…. ready to go when you want it. Continue reading “Why Wunce?”

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